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Vintage Groove Jewelry Kits

Everyone loves to keep a memento of things that they have been through in their lives. For some, it could be the medals from all the races and other events that they’ve won. For others, it could be photos of significant events in their lives… well, they don’t even need to be significant, they could just be a photo of a random day. How long that photo lasts, and the events or the memory of the people and things in the photo is what would make them valuable.
Keeping these valuables evolved in different ways over time. Some created time capsules, others photo albums. Others though, created scrapbooks. Scrapbooking isn’t just something one wakes up to do, it takes careful planning and execution.
One entrepreneur thought if people can take the time to collate content and make a scrapbook, what would stop them from putting together different parts and make some exciting and unique jewelry? Thus, Vintage Groove Jewelry kits were born.
Here is a list of some of the kits available.

Vintage Groove Jill Schwartz Victorian Necklace.

It’s opined all over that the Age of Enlightenment was when some of the world’s greatest discoveries were made. From the likes of Benjamin Franklin experimenting with electricity, to the philosophy of Rene Descartes, individuals were helping mankind make great strides.
On the artistic front, the Renaissance period may have been the age of the artists, but the period that came after saw the rise of Queen Victoria, and all the influences of that period. This particular necklace is an ode to that period.
The kit comes with seven pieces inside, as well as a photo of the finished product. It contains a leather strand that can be lengthened by means of extenders. The other six are ornamental pieces to be dangle from the strap to complete the build.

Vintage Groove Dream Necklace/Bracelet.

Here is something for those who would like to step out in something unique. The actual ornaments look like something out of a Viking colony but it still isn’t appropriate for that time period.
The included leather strap comes with extenders, which means the wearer can choose to extend it into a necklace, or if they’re not feeling that, they could instead make it a bracelet. It comes with five different ornaments, with one being large enough to fit a V line but still be noticeable.

Vintage Groove Bead and Butterfly.

This one looks like it was meant for the people who are in deep commune with their spirit, and have found, or are finding peace with the goings on in their world. The butterfly ornament is perfect for the person who loves nature and is fresh out of a cocoon.
Unlike the others which are just plain leather strands, this one comes with a beaded strand, complete with extenders. If you’re not feeling the butterfly and want to rock something more subtle, there are three beads to choose from. Two of them are double beads and one single, for extra stealth.

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