11 Things That Glisten

Glisten. Here is a word that is used sparingly when trying to describe something that has a luster. The dictionary definition is to shine, or reflect light, as though there is a layer of liquid covering that object. Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be covered by a liquid so as to reflect light, the said object can do so even without being wet. It is the reflective qualities of the material that will determine whether it is glistening.

Also, it’s not just enough to have these qualities, the lighting conditions have to be perfect for this effect to be visible. Without further ado, here are 11 things that glisten.

  1. Rocks on the beach.
    Depending on the angle you’re looking at the rock from, the thin coating of sea water left behind by the retreating waters will give the rocks a little sheen.
  2. Sequins.
    Ah, your sister, or your daughter, is preparing to go for her prom. The dress she chose is perfect and would work wonders under the lights. Or it could even be your mom or your wife who is receiving an award for her efforts. The dress she wears just doesn’t flatter her enough.
  3. A car under the light of the setting sun.
    When a car is driving away in the distance, the light of the setting sun bounces off the reflective surfaces of the body panels and gives the vehicle a glistening appearance in the distance.
  4. Cherries in Sugar syrup.
    Who doesn’t like these? Mostly it’s because you just can’t resist how sumptuous they look, glistening at you and inviting you to take a bite, or several.
  5. Fried foods.
    Ever wondered why cooked meats look delicious lying there on the plate, inviting you to run a steak knife through them? It’s the glistening.
  6. The eyes.
    The eyes are naturally lubricated by tears. Yes, you don’t have to cry to see tears coming out. This lubrication will make your eyes glisten when the right amount of light hits them.
  7. Stalactites and Stalagmites.
    These are types of rocks that grow on the roof and the floors of caves. Some are usually made of crystals, which make them glisten and gleam when light is shown on them.
  8. Metamorphic rocks.
    These are types of rocks that have undergone various changes as a result of tectonic forces and others such as volcanic activity. These include rocks such as marble, slate, schist, gneiss and quartzite.
  9. Mist.
    The hanging precipitation will reflect and refract light away from the source. The casual observer who looks at light attempting to go through mist will see that it is glistening in the light.
  10. Fish scales.
    Fish scales glisten in diverse ways. The first is fresh from the water, the thin coat of water on them will cause them to glisten. Depending on the type of fish, their scales will also reflect light like natural sequins.
  11. Dog fur.
    A well fed, well groomed dog is likely to have the body produce enough oil to coat the furs to prevent the dog from suffering effects of cold or playing in water. As a result, the fur will glisten.

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