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How to Set Up A Pirates and Pixies Party

It’s not everyday that the little person who inhabits your home, and you love so much, turns a year older. Even though they may be growing older, they still love the simple things around them, that they’ve grown up seeing. When it comes to setting up their birthday and venue, it’s almost default to try and go for various themes from kids cartoons such as SpongeBob. However, being the unique parent you are, you don’t want to share a theme with every child in the neighborhood. 

You decide on a different theme that may be a bit hard to pull off, but with the right amount of planning and effort, you can always get it done. Setting up a pirates and pixies party is just a matter of putting together ideas that you may already have. Here are some ideas on how you can execute your own, and be the envy of the neighborhood.



  • Treasure Map Invitations.


The thing we know most about pirates was their love for plunder and pillaging, and then hiding their booty in remote islands. They would then draw maps for future reference in case they survive the onslaught of the Royal Navy, they would retrieve their illegal gains and live for ever after.

Well, here’s an idea. Get creative and draw a map inviting your children’s closest friends to a treasure hunt at the birthday party. You could even go ahead to print the maps and the invitation on parchment printing paper, or even blank Egyptian papyrus paper could add some authenticity to the invitation. 



  • The Décor.


If you have a porch, or a deck, you could hang some draping and lights off the roof and the uprights. Several lanterns would enhance the effect. This would give it a perfect pixie forest effect. You could still do this inside your house or apartment if a deck is out of the question for you. 

At the entrance, you could hang several Jolly Rogers as a way point for the treasure map invitation. If you have a pool, you could use the diving board as a part of “walking the plank” experience. If you have a kayak or a canoe, you could add a wooden plank off the side just for the same effect.



  • The food.


Of course, the centerpiece of the party, and the prize on the invitation, the cake. Look for a highly rated baker to make you the best chocolate treasure chest cake they could come up with. You could also make thin slices of chocolate and wrap them up in gold foil. These could act as gold coins for the little children to find in a mini scavenger hunt around the house, or the compound. 

You could also make some skewers of fruits and vegetables and the skewers could act as fairy wands. You may have to do a lot of fruit shopping beforehand. Those very same fruits can make an excellent fruit punch. The little pirates will appreciate the pirate punch and the fairies their pixie juice.  

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