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Gifts for 4 year old Girl

Being a mother gets difficult as soon as your little one starts turning old. The more your little ones grow, the more you have to take care about what pleases them, especially on their birthday.

Celebrating a 4-year-old girl’s birthday requires a gift that would actually please her. Kids growing up often seems to be a fast process. It seems like she was a toddler just yesterday and now she is a grown-up girl who is going to attend her kindergarten soon.
Getting an amazing gift for your baby girl can be a task and that is why there is a list of well put things that can be a great idea for gifting your 4-year-old girl. While taking care of the list of gift ideas, we also make sure that these gifts are affordable at the same time.

Different considerations before buying gifts from your 4-year-old girl

When a kid is 4 years, they slowly transcend into a more stable and adorable human being as they are finally saying goodbye to their age 2 stage and getting into a more adorable stage. If there is any other mom reading this blog, I am sure the only thing you say is “Amen”.

Growing into a 4-year-old girl someone is the beginning of a girl’s personality as they have their own set of quirks. Kids of this age are now more aware of their surroundings and are great at self-playing. This age calls for kids playing with their dolls and imagining them to be whatever a little kid is capable of.

Kids at age 4 are also better at communication and usually start conversations and can even be engrossed in one of their own. Being able to do that, and grow into a little person of your own requires you to have such toys so that your kids being more confident with their own self while investing in their vocabulary at the same time.

Every child has their own idea of their ideal birthday gift and to choose that for your kids, a lot of that has to do with how much you know your kid. We as parents make sure that we provide our kids with gifts for all kinds of occasions whether it is an educational gift or a gift that will help them in coordination with their eyes and hands or motor skills.

Here is a list of 10 gift ideas that you should consider for your 4-year-old girl.

1. Princess Dress Up and Play Show and Jewelry Boutique

If you are someone who is looking for an ultimate dress-up kit for your kid to play with dress and jewelry and make her feel like Cinderella, then this is the best gift that you can get her on her birthday. This toy comes with a set of jewelry and dress that can be used by them to dress up their dolls. Change the life of your kid by making her feel like a fairy godmother every day with the help of this ToyVelt princess dress up toy kit. This will also help your kid in playing creatively while enhancing your child’s imagination at the same time. The kit comes with different colorful dresses, rings, earrings, shoes, and crown. The best part about this kit is that it can double into a storage box for other toys and accessories for your girl.

Things to love:
1. It increases the social skills of a child
2. Comes with eye-catching jewelry set
3. You can dress up as it comes with some colorful catchy dresses.

2. Tara Toy Disney Princess Necklace Activity Set

This toy comes with an option to mix and match, where kids get an opportunity to play with jewelry and customize them into their own creative pieces. It has a silicon necklace that comes with different character charms. Kids can now create their own pieces which are then stored in their personal sturdy case.

1. This toy enables the kid to create different looks over and over again
2. This top comes with 150 different kinds of beads and 5 different rubber charms which can be used to create 5 different necklaces.
3. The necklace comes with an easy closure

It is very easy to create different kinds of necklaces. All you have to do is slide different beads and characters in a silicone necklace. This is done by children by following their own creativity and enables a child to play with the same set and create different necklaces. This toy comes with a carry case which is made of plastic and has a handle that kids can use to carry the necklaces around. It is fun for kids who are above 3+.

Things to love:
1. Enables the kid to design 5 different neckpieces.
2. Helps in creating new looks over and over again with a combination of about 150 beads.
3. It comes with plastic storage that helps in carrying and cleaning up after the kids are done playing with this.

3. Selieve Walkie Talkies

This toy can be used by kids to communicate with their friends and is a good way to keep kids connected and entertained at the same time. Kids use this toy to play different kinds of games such as detectives, hide and seek, nerf wars, etc. The listening range of this toy is pretty decent which makes it a perfect toy to be played outdoors.

Things to love:
1. This toy comes with an adjustable volume where kids can alter the volume up and down according to their own convenience.
2. The wireless range of these walkie talkies ranges up to 3 miles which also depends on the nature of surroundings.
3. The toy comes with a flashlight as well and comes with around 22 channels that have separate 99 privacy codes.
4. This toy is great for playing games in supermarkets, different kinds of festivals and other outdoor activities.

4. Alex Discover My Giant Busy Box Craft Kit Kids Art and Craft Activity

Alex Toys are usually made for so that they can prepare for their preschool. These toys help in training kids about some of the basic skills that are needed by every student in order to help them in their skill development. All the activities that come with this toy that has a visual manual that doesn’t require a person to give a read on through it.

Things you should love:
1. This toy helps a kid in creating 16 different kinds of projects.
2. There are a great party and rainy activity that comes with this game
3. This is the parents choice approved toy.
4. The toy comes with crayons, eyes, bags, frames, paper, tissue, glue stick, feather dollies that provides the flexibility to a kid to be creative and imaginative at the same time.

5. Melissa & Doug Butterfly Friends Wooden Bead Set

It is a butterfly collection for your kids that can stimulate the designer heart of your growing kid. The toy is beautiful and is handcrafted with details. Different kinds of beads along with 5 cords come with this toy. There are around 120 different kinds of beads that are included with this toy that can enable a kid to design and innovate their own ideas by coming up with different kinds of combinations every single time.

Apart from designing, this top can be used by kids for sorting different beads on the basis of their shape and size which again is a great activity for kids. This toy helps a kid in developing strong cognitive and motor skills that can promote hand coordination. This toy is ideal for kids who are between the age ranging from 4 to 7 years of age. Melissa & Doug have been known to design such imaginative toys for the kids and are known for it.

Things to love:
1. This toy is very easy to use for kids and comes with 5 cords and 120 beads.
2. This toy comes with a wooden tray that can be used to store different beads conveniently.
3. This toy can help a child in developing strong cognitive skills along with enhanced visual perception skills.
4. It is the best gift for young girls ranging from 4 to 7 years of age.
5. This toy will keep your kid hooked and will guarantee them happiness and engagement.

6. Happytime Snap Pop Beads

This fashion kit is a toy that can be used by kids to design and think about different designs that they can come up with 180 different pieces of beads. This toy will enable your kid to design different varieties of beads depending on the mood of your kid.

After designing the neckpiece, your kids can wear it to showcase their work. It is convenient for kids to carry this as it is very portable.

Things to love:
1. This toy comes with 180 pieces of beads that can be used to design different kinds of jewelry every time.
2. It is the best DIY toy for kids that can help them in creating designs that will help them in getting in a good mood.
3. The jewelry once made from this toy can be remade and worn again.
4. The beads and lace in this toy is BPA free which makes them safe for kids.
5. This toy comes with storage, which makes it easy to carry.

7. Betheaces Water Drawing Mat Aqua Magic Doodle Kids Toy

The drawing mat in this toy is made of soft polyester which is a non-toxic, eco-friendly material. It is absolutely safe to use this toy. It is very easy to use, all you need to do is fill the pen with water and get the kid to start drawing on the mat. The drawing on the mat disappears within 10 minutes of your kids drawing on it. This may vary depending on the flow of air and temperature.

Things to love:
1. It is safe to use for babies and children and is a mess-free toy that doesn’t need any kind of extra cleaning.
2. It has a compact size that can be folded into a foldable mat that can also be taken indoors.
3. This toy acts as a communication link between a child and their parents. This toy allows your kid to draw freely which ends up making them more imaginative and creative.
4. Require water additionally for this toy to work and will save a lot of paper.

8. Karaoke Microphone:

The Niskite Bluetooth singing machine is used for professional audio processing and has an integrated audio tuning system that can reduce the noise in the sound and music which creates an amazing KTV live sound environment. This is great for parties and for kids to play with.

It is not just a toy but adds meaning to many kids out there who prefer singing as their hobby.

Things to love:
1. It is a stylish toy and comes with a practical design. It is made of durable alloy material with a high-quality Bluetooth module which can also be used as a speaker and helps in reducing sound.
2. There are two ways to connect to this device, one is through Bluetooth and another one is through cable.
3. This toy comes with a built-in audio system with auto-tuning that enables a child to start performing anywhere without requiring any additional prop.
4. The BlueTooth module of this device is compatible with all kinds of devices which include iPad, iPhone, etc.
5. The music can be loud and powerful with good quality music.


This blog lists all the toys that are good for a 4-year-old girl. These toys are not just good for them to kill their time but also plays a part in their positive development in one way or the other.

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