Funny New Year Resolutions That Will Make You Die Laughing

Well, it is the new year now.

Have you made your New Year Resolution? Do you have any Funny New Year Resolutions?

Let me list some of the funny resolutions that you can use if not for 2020, then for 2021.

  1. I will not drink tea after brushing my teeth.
  2. I will gain enough weight to be on “The Biggest Loser”
  3. I will not watch TV that is not HD!
  4. Pretend to be Harry Potter and wave away all our problems.
  5. Start a clean slate, so don’t ask me for the money I owe you.
  6. Be mean to everyone this year, so next year I can be the most improved person on the planet.
  7. Talk to everyone as if I am a vampire.
  8. Is to let someone else take the blame for my mistakes.
  9. Ask everyone the right side to apply butter to toast.
  10. Greet people the other way.
  11. Not change my clock for daylight saving.
  12. Love myself like Kanye loves himself.
  13. Greet each pet animal I meet and ignore their pet parents.

Here is a video of some funny resolutions cat style:

You can find few more funny new year resolution on Chris Davis’ site –

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Hello, I found your blog on Pinterest looking for teacher door decorations. I love the hot air balloon that you have. Is that file still available for download? Thank you

I need to see if the file is available on my computer. Most of the files were lost during a server crash. If I find it, I will upload it to the site.

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