Frugal Teacher Appreciation Ideas

Your time at that school might be coming to an end. This is usually the time when nostalgia starts to kick in and everything you see starts to seem rosy. The halls where you may have loathed walking through wondering why you’re still in school are now a bit sweeter, and you just want to take your time before you leave it for good. 

But there’s that one someone that always made school a delight. Yes, of course, your best friend in is definitely one of them, but you’ll most likely go to a higher institution with them, so you won’t really miss them. This is someone who despite their own issues, took the time to take you through classes, and was generally everything you could have hoped for.

Your teacher, an angel in disguise, is the person who really makes you know you’re going to miss school. Although it is normal for this progression to take place, you do realize that you haven’t done anything to thank them for all their hard work and effort in your life. Problem is, your pockets aren’t that well-endowed. What can you get them that they will appreciate, and won’t put you in debt?

Here are some frugal teacher appreciation gift ideas. 


  • A letter and gift card.

You may not be Jeff Bezos, but you still known how to read and write. It’s time to put your penmanship skills to good use. Jot down whatever you feel about your teacher and send it to her. They will definitely appreciate this gesture, and probably save the letter for posterity.

You may not know what gift to get them, but a gift card will allow them to get themselves whatever they think they want. What a way to kill to birds with one stone. 


  • Jewelry.

A famous spy movie one opined that diamonds are forever… well, the best you can do is a YouTube video or a sightseeing trip to the local jewelry store. Hardly something you want to give your teacher.

What you can do though, is get them jewelry that will remind them how awesome they are, and that they probably shouldn’t forget the impact they’ve had on your life. There are a variety of bracelets, earrings and necklaces with illustrations and writings on them. These can be made from bamboo or other type of wood, or even metal. 


  • A Mug.

A bit cliché, but still works wonders for many who receive them. Your teacher will surely appreciate your efforts. A mug with the words “World’s Best Teacher” printed on it may just be the boost your teacher needs to take on the world, starting from the classes they teach. 


  • Tote Bag.

Well, here is something they definitely wouldn’t be expecting. As the school year draws nearer, you teacher may be planning a vacation to help them decompress from all the shenanigans they’ve experienced that year. You can help.

Simply fill a tote bag with a pair of flip flops, sunglasses, a towel and some sunscreen, and makes sure they’ve booked themselves a vacation at a beach destination. 

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