Dogs versus Cats – Part 1

Getting a dog and a cat used to each other is a mission.

We got a new pup as an addition to the family, which already had a cat – Kevin.

The cat has been in the family for 2 years now. So he is used to the whole house and the family. Our challenge was to get Elvis used to Kevin.

We are trying out a few things. A friend recommended that we put Kevin in a crate, so that Elvin can sniff him and get used to the smell. While this was an idea we gave some thought, we knew that Kevin is not a big fan of small places. So we didn’t even consider buying a new crate.

Another useful piece of advice came from the Petsit site. This is something that we are tying now. Get Elvis used to a command so that he does not chase Kevin around the house.

For the first few days, we kept Kevin away from Elvis. The training started full-swing. It was not easy. But after a few days, we got Kevin to stay, when we wanted him to not run.

With that success, we got the doors open for Elvis to come in the same room as Kevin. We knew why the saying, ‘fighting like cats & dogs’ rings true.

We now have separate eating areas for both pets. The cat water fountain and the dog bowls are kept far apart. Hopefully, we can keep them in one location, so cleaning gets easier.

I am not sure how long it will take for the two to get along, but we have to make it work for the sake of some sanity.

How do you take care of your pets? What tips have worked for you? Do let me know in the comments below.


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