6 Star Wars Valentine Gifts For Kids

May the force be with you as you plan to surprise that special child with a gift from their favorite movie universe. On Valentine’s Day, it is mostly about the people in our lives who make us feel love. Usually this has always been about that special someone, and it usually is a day to formalize that relationship by taking the next, serious step.

However, it doesn’t always have to be about expressing love to adults. It can also be a day to express love to the little humans in your life, whether your own, or your nieces and nephews. The love you feel for them should be expressed, and what better way to do it than by putting a gift from their favorite movie right in front of them?

Star Wars as a universe has various merchandise around it. But which are some of the best gifts for children?

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  1. Baby Yoda Figurine.

Ah yes, The Mandalorian has taken the world by storm, and from it, a 50-year-old Baby Yoda has captured the attention of the world in many different ways. Well, if the child you plan on giving a gift is a fan of Baby Yoda, why not gift them a figurine they can take with them everywhere?


  1. Star Wars ABC-3PO Alphabet Book.

Yes, that preschooler is not left behind. If they’re old enough to watch and love Star Wars, then they are definitely old enough to love what this book will help them with. This alphabet book includes a poem for every letter of the alphabet. If you want something to do with numbers, then you can also check out OBI-123 Number Book as well.


  1. Stormtrooper Robot.

Do you want your little tyke to be entertained for hours? Well, here’s a toy that’s been made to do just that. This toy is bundled with an app that raises the interaction aspect to a whole new level. The robot responds to voice commands, and can interact with the child as well. It comes with facial recognition to provide a personalized experience to the child, and makes roleplay even more intense.


  1. LEGO Darth Vader’s Castle Kit.

Ah yes, the famous LEGOs that every parent is afraid of. Why not add to their pain by getting the children some more? This one, they will actually love. The kit also includes two Darth Vader, two royal guards and imperial transport pilot figures as well.


  1. Star Wars Socks Collection.

If there is anyone who does not like them, they deserve a stint at Belsavis Prison for their insolence. The official collection includes some of the favorite characters from the Star Wars Universe such as Chewbacca, Stormtroopers, Master Yoda among others. These are sure to keep the children warm, while also letting them enjoy the clothes they wear.


  1. Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet.

Roleplay is important for the development of a child. But what if they have siblings? Well, get them a set of Stormtrooper helmets to enhance their gameplay. And what’s more, the helmet will modulate their voices to give them an authentic experience.

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Hello! I am not able to click on any live links to the valentines.
The only live link is info on Baby Yoda.
Do I need to register in some way for the page to be active? Thank you!

Hi Morgan, There are no live links at the moment. I will try and add the links to the cards to be printed.

I’d love to print the Yoda valentines! I don’t see a working link for this so can someone please advise how to get it? Thank you! My son loves these!

Hi Leslie, I will add the links to the Valentines’ cards soon. Hopefully in time for the day.

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